Carton box is an extremely popular item in our daily life. Everyone must have used it, from our house, grocery stores, stores, supermarkets to big companies, manufacturers, … It is such a convenient item, however do you know the structure of any carton box? Let’s join Binh Minh PAT to learn about the structural features and common types of carton box in this article.

1. Structure of carton box:

Every carton box has 2 parts:
– One is liner board: Linerboard is the flat facing that adheres to the medium
– Two is the medium: The medium is the wavy, fluted paper in between the liners. Flute helps to increase the bearing capacity for carton boxes. There are many different types of flutes: E flute , C flute, B flute, A flute, AB flute,… depending on what is stored inside the carton box and according to the customer’s requirements.

The following illustrations demonstrate four types of combined board:

  • Single Face: One medium is glued to one flat sheet of linerboard.
  • Single Wall: The medium is between two sheets of linerboard. Also known as Double Face.
  • Double Wall: Three sheets of linerboard with two mediums in between.
  • Triple Wall: Four sheets of linerboard with three mediums in between.
Structure of carton box

2. Common types of carton box:

– 3 Ply Carton Box:
3 ply is a term used for Single Wall Corrugated Sheet. It is made of Top Liner, Fluting Medium & Back Liner.
It is chosen based on application of packaging & other factors such as characteristics of shipping.

3 Ply Carton Box
5 Ply Carton Box

– 5 Ply Carton Box:
5 Ply is a term used for Double Wall Corrugated Sheet. It is made of Single Top Liner, Double Fluting Medium & Double Back Liner. It is chosen based on application of packaging & other factors such as characteristics of shipping. Generally used for heavier products where stacking are required

– Die Cut Box:

Die cut boxes are highly customizable corrugated cardboard boxes designed to fit any shape, size, or need. They are known as die cut boxes because they are cut from plain sheets of corrugated material on a machine known as a die press (or die cutter). We can apply offset printing method and flexo printing method on these boxes. 

White Corrugated Pear Packing Boxes Fruit Cartons - img02
Fashionable luxury custom paper clothing jean packaging box - img02

– Archive Box:

Archive boxes are typically supplied as a separate box and lid but can also be 1 piece. . Archive boxes are generally manufactured in single wall cardboard, meaning they are very cost effective – cheap to make, but incredibly robust when they are assembled.

With more than 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing paper boxes, paper bags, paper display stand, and especially flexo and offset printing carton boxes Binh Minh PAT Co., Ltd. ensures to design and provide you the best carton boxes with the most suitable price.


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