Mooncake has long been a symbol of completeness, reunion and happiness whenever the Mid-Autumn Festival comes. For that reason, on the occasion of the biggest full moon every year, almost business enterprises give boxes of mooncake as gifts to express their care and concern to their customers, partners and employees. Along with that, it is also an opportunity for them to enhance their business brand value through impressive and creative mooncake paper box designs.

Not only the delicious taste and the beauty of the cakes inside, but also the appearance of the boxes will help to create a strong impression on the recipient of the thoughtful and conscientious business image. That is why the process of designing, selecting paper and printing mooncake paper box is always focused.

Binh Minh PAT would like to introduce some impressive and creative mooncake paper box designs around the world over the years to bring more ideas for you.

  • Mooncake paper box inspired by the traditional lantern:
Mooncake paper box inspired by the traditional lantern
  • Multi-tier mooncake paper box:
Multi-tier mooncake paper box
  • Mooncake paper box with the inspiration from natural wood materials:
Mooncake paper box with the inspiration from natural wood materials
  • Mooncake box with minimalist style:
Mooncake box with minimalist style
  • Mooncake paper box with handbag style:
Mooncake paper box with handbag style
  • Mooncake paper box with Kraft paper materials:
Mooncake paper box with Kraft paper materials

With a team of creative and dedicated designers and well-skilled, experienced manufacturing workers, Binh Minh PAT will help you create the most impressive, quality mooncake paper box as well as other designs which ensures to promote, enhance your business brand.

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