Digital printing uses digital applications in a wide range of packaging types. Directly transferred from electronic files, digital printing is very cost effective and time efficient for smaller orders.

  • Cost effective
  • Time efficient
  • Ideal for small orders

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    Digital Print


    Digital printing refers is a straight forward printing process, where ink is applied directly to the substrate and completely avoids printing plates.Using the CMYK color process, digital printing uses electronic files that determines where the ink is placed to create prints and designs. With technological advancement, digital printing offers high quality printing output making low volume runs more cost effective and time efficient to complete.

    Two technologies dominate the industry:



    Images are printed by small droplets of ink that are released from nozzles of one or more printer heads that contain the CMYK color system.

    Xerography / laser printers

    Xerography / laser printers

    Images are printed by using a metal cylinder known as a drum. Color is applied to the cylinder to transfer images onto the substrate.

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