Along with the rapid growing market, more and more businesses and enterprises have increased the demand in using packaging to pack and deliver their products to customers. In particular, the flexo printed carton box is one of the most commonly used packaging types thanks to its outstanding advantages.

  • Advantages of flexo printed carton box:
  1. The printing quality is good, the image is sharper and clearer than the ordinary silkscreen printing.
  2. Shorter time of printing with a much cheaper price than the offset printing method.
  3. Be suitable for many companies, establishments that produce relatively low-cost products, or start-up companies that need to reduce costs and at the same time to maintain a quality packaging for products
flexo printed carton box
  • A reputable production address of flexo printed carton box:

Binh Minh PAT Co. Ltd is a Vietnamese reputable manufacturer specializing in producing carton box, paper box, paper display stand, and specially flexo printed carton boxes. Here are our commitment about our flexo printed carton box products:

– Good quality.

– Competitive price.

– Fast, on time delivery.

– We can satisfy any order whether the order is big or small.

– Support in consult and design flexo printed carton boxes that fits with your requirement to both saving cost and ensuring the best quality.

  • Some flexo printed carton boxes that Binh Minh PAT produced:
flexo printed carton box
flexo printed carton box 03
flexo printed carton box 04
flexo printed carton box 05

Binh Minh PAT, a leading flexo printed carton boxes manufacturer in Vietnam with a team of creative, dedicated designers and well-skilled, experienced workers, will help you create the most high-quality flexo printed carton boxes with the most suitable price.


For further information, please contact us:

Binh Minh PAT Packaging Company Ltd.

Address:  Lot A59/I Road 7, Vinh Loc Industrial Park, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Hotline:  +84 916 660 853  /  +84 918 000 768

E-mail:  Website:

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