Many parents are currently working from home and, if you have your little ones with you, you may be looking for ways to keep them entertained with art and craft projects.

As the Easter weekend is now upon us, we thought we’d share a few ideas about how that cardboard box that’s lying around in your garage, attic or shed could be transformed into a brand new toy.

This is not just a box…..

… this is a castle

This is not just a box…img02

For any child that loves knights in shining armour, a cardboard castle can provide hours of endless fun. Take a look at different ways of making them on the internet; there are some that are shoe box size; there are some that are much bigger! Whether you have a garden or outdoor space or not, simply cover the floor or garden with an old sheet, grab a tin of old paint and paint on bricks to give it some true individuality. Or, if your child would like a house for Barbie, their teddy bears or even the family cat; a new den can be created where all sorts of adventures can take place.

…this is a car

This is not just a box…img01

Make some wheels from extra cardboard, pop in a steering wheel and your child we be off on adventures within in an hour or two. Where will their imagination take them? Or, you could join more than one cardboard box together to create a train. Not only can siblings enjoy an imaginary adventure together, they can also take their teddy bears and toys with them. Perhaps they can even stop off for an imaginary picnic along the way (when you bring them their lunch!)

…this is a handbag

This is not just a box…img03

For all those kids that just love to dress up, create them a stylish handbag. With clothes stolen from a grown ups wardrobe (with permission of course!), perhaps a pair of heels and even a slick of lipstick (again with the help of a grown up) they could be owning the catwalk within an hour. Who needs fashion week?!

…this is a pizza oven

This is not just a box…img04

Imagine having ‘home made pizza’ for lunch from your very own pizza oven, or drinks and snacks from a cafe? Or, if they don’t fancy being a cafe owner, they could perhaps be a shopkeeper. Creating a post office or grocery shop will mean your little ones can play for hours on end. Simple play money can be made with plain paper and coloured pens. Rolled up socks can form fruit and veg, and a shopping basket or trolley could be made from cardboard too.

We hope you can have a little fun with that box that’s lying around and the help of the internet for ideas and inspiration. It’s times like this when a little creativity can go a long way to ensuring our children have fun.

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