Health is the top concern of our people, one of the factors that influence directly the source of water for daily use. The demand for pure water filter has been great. There are many business enterprises water filter, so how do you give your product stand out and be known? The answer is that the product packaging.


BinhMinh packaging Co.,Ltd with over 12 years experience in the packaging industry will give you the unique packaging form and most prominent, created its own definition for the brand, noted in the hearts of consumers. Below is a sample of the carton box containing water filters are produced in offset printing.

3 Ply Carton Box - Pure Water Filter Box With Offset Printing

This is a carton box outside is Duplex paper with carton 2 E-flute are processed through the steps of offset printing, coating, glueing and lamination, die-cut. With slim styles, color harmony, honesty, impeccable quality carton box sample containing water filter offset succeeded in creating unique brand separately for Caribbean Improve sales Product, brand development.

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