Despite the privacy earphones provide, sometimes you just want to enjoy playing  music or listening to a podcast out loud.  If this is the case, what do you use? Whether your device of choice is an iPod, Smartphone, MP3 player or a notebook computer, you will be able to create decent sound with one of GrupoVibra’s funky, recyclable and incredibly portable cardboard speakers.
Funky Cardboard Speakers bring music to our ears!

Cardboard speakers are not a new concept. Over the past few years we have seen various plain cardboard designs introduced to market. But these artistically printed speakers raise the bar somewhat.  Packaged in sturdy cardboard, the first limited edition SPACK features striking designs by 3 Chilean and 1 Colombian artist. Strikingly simple to use, the SPACK requires you to insert just one 9 Volt battery, then plug it into your device. That’s it. There are no knobs, switches or buttons required, as everything can be controlled directly through your device!. Perfect for taking on picnics, out camping, strutting down the street with it on your shoulder, or simply as an artistic and functional addition to your workspace.

Funky Cardboard Speakers bring music to our ears! -img02
If you need to go smaller still, the soon to be released  SPK mini speaker can fit in your hand!  Charged by a USB device, you can plug it into your computer, and when it’s time to move on, toss it in your backpack, briefcase or handbag and use at your leisure!

Thanks  GrupoVibra – your designs are music to our ears!

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