Today, many pizzerias are now recognizing the importance of packaging in their marketing strategies. In this article, I will enumerate 20 pizza packaging that are creative and truly inspirational in design.

Pizza is truly one of the most popular foods in the world. Having your own pizzeria can be a great business idea, but with the many well-established pizzerias already existing, it will be tough to beat the competition. Everyone has a product, the question now is, how will you be able to market it effectively?

The answer lies in packaging. Pizza is not all about how it tastes but also how it looks. They say first impression lasts and this is basically true in most cases. The first thing your customers will see is the packaging of your pizza. Thus, it is important to make your packaging eye-catching and will convince your customers to buy your food product.

+ 20 Creative Pizza Packaging Design Ideas ( part 2)

1. Mouth wide open pizza box

Mouth wide open pizza box
Inside the package, there is a picture of a big mouth wide open as if it will eat the pizza inside. Actually, it is part of the promotional campaign of a toothpaste brand.

2. Caricatured pizza box

Caricatured pizza box
Pictures of cartoon character are drawn on the box. The character’s mouth is drawn below the box’s opening to look like as if the pizza is coming out from the cartoon character’s mouth.

3. Round pizza box

Round pizza box
Traditionally, pizza comes with square boxes but with this packaging, pizza is placed in a round box. After all, why not use a round box if the pizza is round, right?

4. Domino’s pizza

Domino’s pizza
The packaging is really black and simple. It is elegant and gorgeous to behold.

5. Air mail pizza package

Air mail pizza package
Part of pizzeria’s services is to deliver the goods right in your doorstep. It is a clever way to use the air mail package design to send the “message” across each customer of the pizzeria.

6. Pizza shout

Pizza shout
Inspired by street art, this packaging is made for frozen pizza.

7. Waitrose

Waitrose pizza packaging is truly impressive, simply, and impressive.

8. Mafia style packaging

Mafia style packaging
The packaging is designed with mafia style.

9. Lombardo’s pizza package

Lombardo’s pizza package
The package is made of black and elegant box for pizza.

10. Hell Pizza

Hell Pizza
Hell pizza takes the concept of pizza packaging to the next level. If you’re the religious type of person, you might have a second thought whether you will buy their pizza or not. The pizza packaging comes in different design and it is out of the ordinary. They have pizza box that is shaped like a coffin; while their pizza is cut in pentagram shape.

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